Wuhan Gains Chemical CO.,LTD is a professional chemical products importer and exporter, which is specialized in chemicals for more that one decade. Gains was located in the center of China,Wuhan city,Hubei province with Highly developed transportation.
We have a skilled and young marketing team, ages of teammates are mostly 27-35 ,The average of work experience in Chemical industry are 5-10 years. Employees of Gains believe that the best is to do one thing well with the whole life.
.We have established good and stable cooperation relationships with many large chemical manufacturers inland, and have won friends’ business friendships from many foreign countries: Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Malaysia, Tailand, Ukraine, Uzbekistan turkey ,Russia,Germany and so on.
Main business Field:
Monopotassium Phosphate(MKP), Diammonium Phosphate(DAP), Monoammonium Phosphate(MAP), Sodium Hexametaphosphate(SHMP), Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP), Trisodium Phosphate(TSP), Monosodium phosphate (MSP), Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate(DSP),, phosphoric acid.
Sodium Fluosilicate ,Sodium Fluoride, Ammonium Fluoride, Ammonium Bifluoride, hydrofluoric acid
3. Glass and Ceramic material:
Soda ash (light &Dense), Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous, sodium nitrate, cobalt oxide ,cupric oxide,nickel monoxide, barium carbonate, zinc oxide, potassium nitrate, potassium carbonate, aluminum oxide, aluminium hydroxide…
4. Sodium sulphide and:
1) Red flakes-purity: 60%, iron: 1500ppm
2) Yellow flakes-purity: 60%, iron: 30ppm, 50ppm, 80ppm, 150ppm
3) purity: 52%,58%, iron: 20ppm, 50ppm, 150ppm
5.Other fine chemical products: rongalite C, sodium hydrosulfite , sodium sulfite , sodium chlorate ,copper sulfate, titanium oxide, red lead, yellow lead and so on
selenium powder,Borax pentahydrate,Boric Acid. iron oxide red
Excellent quality, good service, competitive price, is our principle to support all of our customers. Please feel free to contact us to get a further information.